[/ˌes.əʊˈes/] noun 1. an internationally recognised signal of distress. 2. a call or request for help or rescue. "The number of SOS calls shot up as people were left behind in the aftermath of the crisis."

Disadvantaged and marginalized groups are severely affected by the current crisis. The elderly, those with pre-existing health conditions and compromised immune systems; those in residential care facilities or communal living arrangements; prisoners and persons in detention facilities; delivery workers, garbage collection workers, manual labourers and farmworkers are [all] exposed to heightened risks of being infected... health-care workers, who are performing heroic work in the front lines of responding to the pandemic, are being infected due to inadequacies or shortages of personal protective equipment and clothing...

UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: a statement on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and economic, social and cultural rights

Individuals and families most at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic are the very people our society has undervalued and left behind. We must protect them now, and ensure they are never left behind again.

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SOS calls

Below are SOS calls from people across our communities. In cases where this has not already been done, we are passing this information on to public authorities. We are maintaining a record of these SOS calls during the emergency to identify where special measures need to be taken in future policy changes. In the meantime, if you, or a group that you work with, can provide effective responses to any of the SOS calls, please take the time to fill in an SOS response form.

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Ref# Name Issue Problem Location PC Date
27 Rola Housing "Overcrowded in Homecare NI property" Belfast BT12 26 Aug, 2020
26 Tina Housing "Homeless" Belfast BT1 23 Jun, 2020
25 Fatemah Income "Deprived of dignity through the work ban" Belfast BT1 18 Jun, 2020
24 Farhad Income "Banned from working & earning an income" Belfast BT1 15 Jun, 2020
23 Martha Housing "No electricity. Collapsed ceiling." Belfast BT14 11 Jun, 2020
21 'Nelson' Housing "Mental health declining" Belfast BT7 11 May, 2020
20 'John' Income "Delays in accessing social security" Belfast BT23 11 May, 2020
19 'Mark' Income "Cross-border worker loses income" Belfast BT13 11 May, 2020
18 'Tommy' Health "No Personal Protective Equipment" Co. Down BT34 11 May, 2020
17 'Gemma' Housing "At-risk adult in unhealthy housing" Belfast BT12 11 May, 2020
16 Rehyana Housing "At-risk child and can't social distance" Belfast BT12 11 May, 2020
12 'Vera' Health "No Personal Protective Equipment" Belfast BT14 06 May, 2020
11 Angeline Housing "Unable to social distance" Belfast BT12 06 May, 2020
9 'Martin' Income "Destitution" Belfast BT1 06 May, 2020