Poems of Protest, Resistance and Empowerment (7)

We publish poetry regularly on NLB blog. This week 'Blinded' by Lisa Morrison Lisa Morrison  |  Wed Aug 25 2021
Poems of Protest, Resistance and Empowerment (7)

What did you see when you looked at me?
Bandaged, broken, breaking down
Symptoms smothering, suffocating sound.
Risk assessed, year on year
Those boxes ticked,
The plans you made
The same each time
Which I then went and disobeyed.
Repeat offender, that was me,
Revolving door, we all could see

Or Not!!

Textbooks teach many truths,
They have their place
But I am me and you are you
Did you not see?
A hundred stories carved upon my skin
Speak a truth I needed heard
But I’ve been labelled to be understood
And a heavy cost was incurred.

Not all is as it seems you know
For me or you.
Behind the walls and masks we wear
We’re all just human, we all know despair.
Before you judge or label me
Please make some space to truly see!