PODCAST: Trevor Birney interviews former PPR Director, Dessie Donnelly (2)

In a series of five podcasts, award-winning producer/director Trevor Birney speaks to former PPR Director, Dessie Donnelly. Episode Two: The Organisation Dessie Donnelly  |  Mon Nov 01 2021
PODCAST: Trevor Birney interviews former PPR Director, Dessie Donnelly (2)
"given the state of the world... if you're serious about social change and you are not taking risks, you shouldn't be in the game."

In the summer of 2021, as PPR appointed our new Director, Chloë Trew, we worked with the award-winning producer/director, Trevor Birney to capture the learning of the previous two decades.

Throughout this fascinating series of podcasts, Trevor interviews PPR’s former Director, Dessie Donnelly to explore the origins of PPR, the seminal influence of Inez McCormack, how we engage with power, deal with adversity and deliver change.

Reflecting on our journey, while responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the podcasts are a behind the scenes look at PPR - the wins, the losses and the lessons for the future.

In Episode Two, ‘The Organisation’, Trevor asks Dessie about PPR’s growth post-2006, how the organisation gained credibility and responded to tension and opposition from others in civil society. PPR’s unique organising model is discussed, emphasising the central ethic of service that imbues the organisation’s leadership and relationships with communities.