Department of Health’s Whistleblowing Policy ‘Not Fit for Purpose’

Our response makes a number of recommendations as to how the significant weaknesses in the Whistleblowing Framework and Model Policy should be addressed. Sara Boyce  |  Mon Sep 12 2022
Department of Health’s Whistleblowing Policy ‘Not Fit for Purpose’

PPR has responded to the Department of Health’s consultation on a Whistleblowing Framework and Model Policy, which closed on 9 September 2022.

We strongly believe that raising a concern in the public interest is an important part of patient safety and of improving the quality of services in healthcare.

Support and protection for Whistleblowers is a vital component of a health service that is based on values of working together, excellence, openness, transparency and compassion.

Regrettably, as it stands however, we do not believe that this framework and model policy is fit for purpose.

Our main concerns, which are addressed in our response, are as follows:

  • The failure to acknowledge the culture of HSC organisations
  • The lack of clarity and detail
  • The lack of meaningful protection for whistle blowers
  • The lack of independence
  • The lack of robust monitoring processes

We make 12 recommendations in our response, to address concerns raised under all of the above themes.

You can access the consultation documents here.

You can read our response here.