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Covid Impacts | Holding NI Ministers to Account

Mental Health Rights  |  Mon Feb 15 2021

Covid impacts

A new report by England's Children's Commissioner warned that the pandemic could have long-term impacts on child mental health and calls for a 'wholesale change' in the way services are provided. The findings were supported by a range of other authorities.

The Northern Ireland Executive’s Education Minister launched the Children and Young People’s Strategy 2020-2030 covering areas such as children’s physical and mental health, education, play,  safety, economic and environmental well-being and rights. A three-year delivery plan will be prepared to guide government departments in meeting their responsibilities to children here.

Holding NI Ministers to account

MLAs asked NI Assembly questions of Health Minister Swann regarding plans his Department has to increase support for those with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues; waiting times by Trust for mental health services; whether additional funding will be made available during the current financial year to help mental health services cope with demand arising from the pandemic; prescriptions issued for anti-depressants; and funding for mental health services. Answers are pending.

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