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Right to an Income  |  Wed Nov 18 2020

Real living wage in NI

NERI reported findings that -- irrespective of Covid -- 25% of employees in Northern Ireland have earnings below the real living wage of £9.30 (set in Apr 2020 as the wage needed to have a minimum acceptable standard of living).

NI: self-isolation support

The Department for Communities' Discretionary Support Self-Isolation Grant -- a non repayable lump sum meant to help cover short-term living expenses for people diagnosed with Covid or self-isolating who need it -- has seen a rise in the daily allowance payable and the period for which it can be claimed. Anyone with an income of up to £20,405 -- in work or receiving benefits -- may be eligible. As of end October the department had given out 14,800 of these grants, worth £2.1m. The Minister for Health welcomed the increase, saying it would help people to follow the self-isolation guidance, reducing the spread of the virus.

Examples elsewhere -- UBI in Kenya

A pilot Universal Basic Income scheme in Kenya is helping people withstand the impact of the pandemic and economic downturn.

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