[/ˈskrü-tə-nē/] noun 1. a searching examination or investigation. 2. a close and continual inquiry. "close scrutiny of government policy by activists revealed huge failings in its response to the crisis"

The new dynamic must be one of asserting the right of people to play a role in determining their own lives, and having a say in decisions affecting them. Accountability is at the heart of the rights construct and must be at the heart of our relationships in the future.

Inez McCormack: Irish trade union leader, human rights activist and founder of PPR

In times of crisis, scrutiny of the state and private power is more important than ever – particularly when state policy itself left us so vulnerable to the pandemic. We cannot afford to sit back and let power decide how we will keep our families, friends and communities safe. We need to challenge power and we need to cooperate, share and learn from one another in equal measure.

Artwork, scrutiny
Close Scrutiny

In this section PPR will publish commentary, analysis, poetry and interviews which scrutinise government action, share tactics for social change, provide inspiring visions and reflect the everyday struggles of our communities during these times.

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