[ˌsɒlɪˈdarɪti/] noun 1. unity or agreement of feeling or action. 2. mutual support within a group. "gestures of public solidarity during the crisis are a reminder that a better society is possible"

What legacies will we build out of our responses to this crisis? What institutions emerging now will shape the world to come? Our need for mutual aid did not begin with the present pandemic; we should design our aid now with the aftermath in mind.

Nathan Schneider: journalist and author

We are working together to protect the most vulnerable in our society during the Covid-19 pandemic. Across our communities, neighbours are banding together to look after each other - delivering food, checking in on each other, making personal protective equipment, providing entertainment, education and emotional support. If you need urgent support, follow these links for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

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Community Networks

The needs we are trying to respond to are those which have been created through decades of inequality and austerity. If we are to address these underlying causes, we have to strengthen our bonds. In the map below, we are profiling organisations who are contributing to the relief effort and pushing for long-term change.

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