[/ˈvɪdʒɪl(ə)nt/] adjective 1. keeping careful watch. 2. alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger. "the public remained vigilant so as to protect their common interest during and after the crisis"
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Universal Credit & ‘new-style’ Employment & Support Allowance opened up to those who are self-employed or forced to self-isolate

Announced on: Mon 23 Mar 2020


Carers Allowance maintained for those whose role as carer has been interrupted due to self-isolation or infection with Covid-19

Announced on: Mon 23 Mar 2020


Covid-19 and benefits services: postponement of routine appointments, no penalties for missed appointments

Announced on: Mon 16 Mar 2020


Statutory Sick Pay: backdated payment available for the self-employed

Announced on: Fri 13 Mar 2020