[/ˈvɪdʒɪl(ə)nt/] adjective 1. keeping careful watch. 2. alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger. "the public remained vigilant so as to protect their common interest during and after the crisis"

Policy Vigilance

Planning Process

Change to planning procedures in relation to community consultation and planning committee oversight

STATUS: Active
Policy Details:

Minister Mallon statement: “I also hope shortly to bring forward a legislative amendment to the Assembly which, subject to members’ agreement, would temporarily remove the requirement to hold a public event as part of Pre Application Community Consultation for major planning applications. To support this, I would also propose to issue guidance for applicants and Councils on appropriate replacement measures to ensure that public participation in the process is not compromised… I am also aware that the operation of Council Planning Committees has been impacted. My officials have moved quickly to approve amended schemes of delegation to reduce the number of applications which would be required to go before planning committees.”