[/ˈvɪdʒɪl(ə)nt/] adjective 1. keeping careful watch. 2. alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger. "the public remained vigilant so as to protect their common interest during and after the crisis"

Policy Vigilance

Creative Support Fund

Support to individuals and organisations in the arts sector in response to the Covid-19 crisis

STATUS: Active
Policy Details:

Funding of £1.5 million will be available to support individuals and organisations in the Arts Sector in response to Covid-19. The Creative Support Fund will be administered by the Arts Council NI allowing small and medium sized organisations to be able to apply for maximum funding of £25,000 to help them develop new projects or programmes or re-arrange events which have had to be cancelled during the Covid-19 period. To find out more about the criteria and to apply visit