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Unused and undeveloped land in North Belfast - build homes now!

Right to a Home

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Children play on waste ground in front of disused industrial building

A place to feel safe, secure and valued

PPR organises alongside those worst affected by the housing crisis: homeless young people forgotten in hostels, families in overcrowded conditions, asylum seekers and refugees at the mercy of landlords and multinational companies, Irish Travellers facing racist laws and policies, and more. We work together to make real improvements in people’s lives while pushing for long-term change.

    What we want

  • Housing fit for our future

    Organise and build new communities on available land in areas of the greatest housing need to address homelessness, inequality and climate breakdown

  • Hold landlords to account

    Hold social and private landlords to account for international human rights standards

Journalist Gary Young offers his support to the Housing 4 All campaign

Major Social Housing Shortfall


The number of homeless households in NI. Only 16% of NI homes are social homes.



Religious inequality continues to affect social housing. In north Belfast, 82% of those registered as homeless come from a Catholic or nationalist background.



Nearly 1 in 7 of NI households are in private rentals; these cost on average 20% more than social rents. This means it's even harder for tenants to save towards getting on the property ladder.

Explosion in Levels of Homelessness in NI

Evolution of housing need in NI


Right to a Home

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