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This image shows a child's dream for the City of the Future at the Mackies site in West Belfast -- Belfast's largest publicly owned piece of undeveloped land, with the highest potential for making a dent in the social housing shortfall and meeting acute housing need.
Tue Aug 09 2022  |  Right to a Home  |  Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Housing Need in Belfast: A Closer Look at What's Changing -- and What Isn't

The Housing Executive measure of 'residual need' reflects the shortfall in social housing in any given area. A closer look at the shift in these figures since 2015 in Belfast shows deep and ongoing shortages of social housing, particularly in areas of high demand. It also reveals a growing shortfall in social homes in more unexpected areas. So what's next?

The figures keep climbing, and behind them are thousands of Belfast children growing up as best they can without a home. What will it take to change this picture?
Fri Jun 24 2022  |  Right to a Home  |  Northern Ireland Housing Executive
A Grim Milestone: In Disturbing Increases on Previous Years, Over 4,400 Belfast Children Now Recognised as Homeless

The number of homeless households across Belfast is up 10% on last year's total, to 7,545. The rise in the number of homeless children is stark: in West Belfast, there are now 49% more homeless children than in 2019, and in North Belfast -- even more disturbingly -- there are 91% more homeless children now than in 2019. Where will this end?

The Housing Executive has consistently chosen to place a large percentage of Syrian families in private rented accommodation in deprived areas of high demand and clear shortage of social housing.
Fri Feb 04 2022  |  Right to a Home  |  Housing Executive
A Place to Call Home? - Refugees in Belfast's Housing System

In an unequal housing system dominated by the private market, defined by peace walls and influenced by violence, why are vulnerable refugees being placed in deprived areas with the highest social housing demand? We use the Freedom of Information Act to dig deeper.

Between them the seven New Lodge tower blocks contain over half of the New Lodge/Carlisle area's social homes.
Tue Jan 25 2022  |  Right to a Home  |  Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Department for Communities
Devil in the Detail - What's the plan for social housing in the New Lodge, North Belfast?

In this investigation we use Freedom of Information requests to take a closer look at the Minister for Communities' announcement of a £37million housing regeneration project for the New Lodge. FOI requests have also been used in an effort to track responses to fire safety recommendations at the tower blocks.