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Azadeh Sobout

Azadeh Sobout


Azadeh Sobout is an interdisciplinary urbanist and researcher specialised in experimental and alternative urbanism, human rights advocacy and peace-building.  As a scholar activist, Azadeh is interested in disentangling the ways in which urban collective actions, ideas, and tools shape policy and activism. In her doctoral research, she experimented innovative approaches and methodologies that can enhance the procedures of place-making, memorialisation and social reconstruction in post-conflict settings.

Prior to joining PPR, Azadeh worked with a broad spectrum of policy, research, development and humanitarian organisations in global South and global North. Through her engagement with UNHCR, UNDP, UNICEF, UNRWA and other local and international organisations, Azadeh contributed to several projects in urban regeneration and community development, gender-sensitive planning, refugee support programming, and post-conflict urban reconstruction in Iran, India, Lebanon and Ireland.

Azadeh is currently organising Lift the Ban (LTB) Campaign with PPR. The campaign advocates for the asylum seekers to participate in the economy and society in a way that is regenerative and facilitates mutual aid and solidarity.

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