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Message stencilled on wall: why do they keep sending me to look for jobs that aren't there?

Right to an Income

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Campaigners hightlight the 'conscious cruelty' of privatised benefits assessment

Defending dignity, unlocking potential.

PPR’s Right to Income campaigns challenge systems which drive people into poverty. We challenge both discriminatory laws that ban people from earning an income and consciously cruel social security decisions stripping people of their sole income.

We don’t believe anyone should be intentionally left destitute. We don’t believe that any person should profit from others’ misery. We believe in an economy which serves the people, not the other way around. Everyone should have the means and opportunity to lead a dignified life.

    What we want

  • A social security system that promotes human rights

    Integration of human rights standards into welfare assessments and a guaranteed adequate income.

  • An end to the 'hostile environment'

    Secure the right to work for people seeking asylum.

  • Promote the alternative economies

    Support mutual aid networks providing goods and services within marginalised communities.

Disability assessments cancelled by Capita, the private company that operates on behalf of the Department for Communities

Conscious cruelty embedded in the system



The percentage of children in NI living in relative income poverty. People are considered to be living in relative income poverty if the income of their household is less than 60% of the UK median household income.



The amount provided to Asylum seekers, who don't have the right to work, per day. This income is supposed to allow for food, transport, sanitary items, clothing and all other essentials.



The percentage rise in the number of NI households claiming Universal Credit since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis

Massive increase in food bank usage

Foodbank usage in NI (2013 - 2020)


Right to an Income

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