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Digital Rights

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Breaking down the digital divide

Internet4All is a growing network of 200 organisations and individuals. We are front line workers, community-based organisations, refugees, youth service providers, homeless families, care experienced young people and carers. We live with digital exclusion daily and support each other to promote digital rights and secure universal and free access to the internet.

    What we want

  • Immediate and targeted relief

    Open up wifi in publicly funded facilities such as homeless shelters and care homes to residents

  • Guaranteed internet access

    Internet Service Providers across Ireland should open all of their wifi hotspots to the public where the infrastructure exists

Growing digital divide


The number of homes in NI that faced the Covid-19 lockdown with inadequate access to Internet broadband services. This equates to 8.5% of the total number of homes.




The revenue of the largest UK operator of fixed line, broadband and mobile services. BT has the infrastructure to open Wi-Fi to the public across Northern Ireland, with 62,000 hotspots in Belfast alone.



The percentage of unemployed young people from the Belfast who reported they had no reliable access to broadband or WiFi and had to rely on either contracted or pay as you go data. This is compared to 13% of the general population.

Real consequences

Impact of limited Internet access


Digital Rights

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