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Child Homelessness in Belfast Rises Again in 2022

Analysis of Housing Executive data on Full Duty Applicant households in Belfast revealed at least 4,887 children living in officially-recognised homeless households in the city at the end of 2022 -- 9.5% more than there had been in March. Right to a Home | Tue May 30 2023

There were 7,876 FDA homeless households in Belfast at end 2022, up 4.4% from March the same year.

Analysis of Housing Executive figures indicate that they included at least 4,887 children under 18 – an increase of 9.5% on March 2022 figures. Two thirds of them live in West and North Belfast: over 2,100 in West and over 1,100 in North.

Belfast’s overall housing waiting list for end 2022 totalled 12,085 households.

We will update all of these figures with the official end-of-financial-year data once these have been released by the Housing Executive.