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#123GP Campaign | Waiting Times | Racial Inequality Findings | Housing and Mental Health

Mental Health Rights  |  Thu Apr 14 2022

The #123GP campaign drew attention to falling numbers of in-house counsellors in GP service amidst increased demand for mental health services here, as well as to the need for transparency and accountability in the health service.

Elsewhere, the Guardian reported NHS England warnings of “a second pandemic” of poor mental health, exacerbated by long waiting times for overstretched services.

The NHS Race and Health Observatory used ten years of health care research to document a series of stark inequalities in how people from ethnic minority groups – both patients and staff – are treated in the health system, including by mental health services.

The British Psychological Societypublisheda study into the impact of people’s housing conditions on their mental health and wellbeing during the lockdown periods. A forthcoming At Home with Children report will provide an evidence-based framework which will be used to evaluate current domestic standards for new housing in the UK.

The British Medical Journal published an article describing ‘Respond’, an integrated model of care designed to meet the complex mental and physical health needs of asylum seekers in contingency accommodation upon arrival in the UK.

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