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The Rest of the Story at Gairdín an Phobail

On Friday 3rd June, mental health rights activists came together for the first time, post-covid, in West Belfast's Gairdín an Phobail. It was a special day.

Wed Jun 08 2022  |  Mental Health Rights

PPR has worked with Michael Patrick MacDonald, a Boston based, award-winning author and facilitator , to deliver The Rest of the Story since 2019.

This programme is a trauma-informed, community-based story-telling curriculum. It is designed to help participants transform trauma to voice, agency and leadership.

On Friday 3 June programme participants came together, along with their families and friends and campaign allies to celebrate their completion of the programme and to share their stories in Gairdín an Phobail, West Belfast.

They were delighted to be joined by guest writers Louise Kennedy, Cathy Carson and Michael Nolan.

This short video gives a flavour of how together we are writing a #NewScriptForMentalHealth