Video | PPR's Sara Boyce on BBC Evening Extra 29/11/2023


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PPR's Sara Boyce on BBC Evening Extra 29/11/2023

Gareth Waterworth’s Case is a Litmus Test for Families’ Confidence in the RQIA

Thu Nov 30 2023  |  Mental Health Rights

It’s been six months since a court ruling found that RQIA, the health regulatory body, failed in its duty to regulate community mental health services for 14 years.

Paul Herbert, who took the court case, to secure a care package for his nephew Gareth Waterworth, reports that, unbelievably, Gareth is still without a care package.

Listen to Sara Boyce, Organiser with New Script for Mental Health, discuss the ongoing injustice of Gareth’s case, and why this case is now a litmus test for the thousands of families whose loved ones are in receipt of both mental health and learning disability services.